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    Sultry Samantha Sheppard

  • All About Me

    If there's anything else you want to know, just ask...

    First, Thank you!

    Thank you for visiting my website, and for taking the time to get to know some more about me and my services. I would like to invite you to peruse this site, see some of my pictures, read a bit about me, and discover my services. Please, if you have any questions, read my F.A.Q.; if they are still unanswered, Contact Me!

    A Little About Sam...

    I am the owner of a small company, and half or more of my time is spent on the road. I get to experience much of America, but it can certainly be tiring! I like to take some time to enjoy with newfound friends wherever I may find myself, be it a metropolis or a small rural town.


    Why, you may ask, am I telling you this?


    It is because I don't have time for an interview (dating), or going through the rigorous steps of the current rules that apply to it. I simply want to connect with a few like-minded individuals that just want to relax, drink a glass over intelligent conversation about whatever strikes our fancy, getting carried away with soothing music, caresses, whispers, laughter, and just plain ole' good-natured mutual fun.


    To put it simply, I am a bubbly but down-to-earth, vivacious lady who loves to be delighted in various aspects of the adventures that I frequently embark upon; whether they are at the theater, out dining, whilst reading a good book, behind closed doors, etcetera.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    As I get any more questions which are asked on a regular basis, I will update this section with more questions and answers. For the nonce, these are those.


    If any of your questions remain unanswered, please Contact Me!

    Are your rates negotiable?

    OR: Do you take "trades" for other goods/services?

    I do appreciate the sincere requests that I receive, but it really is my preference to see as few people as possible. My rates allow me to focus on a small handful of friends, which makes everyone happy.

    If my rates are too high for you, I suggest finding someone more suitable. There are many great companions at every price point.

    Some escorts enjoy meeting as many new people as they can, and they price themselves to encourage that. I am not saying my way is better, it is just my way; and I appreciate your understanding and respecting that!

    What are your Specials?

    OR: Do you offer any discounts?

    I do not have any permanent discounts, such as for age, military service, etc.


    I do run specials from time to time, however I do not wish to update this FAQ answer each time I add or end a special.


    If I am running a special, it will be detailed in the ads I post on various websites such as: Backpage, ECCIE, Eros, TER, and/or TOB.

    Do you have more photos

    OR: Do you have any showing your face?

    The photos here on my website are the only ones available. While I do intend to have new pictures taken soon, there are and will be no photos showing my face - for both my protection and yours.


    When we are together, there is no risk of me being recognized, nor you being recognized with me…which allows us both to be more relaxed and have a better time together.

    Do you accept credit cards?

    What about PayPal, BitCoin, etc.?

    I no longer accept credit cards, gift cards, or any method of payment other than cash. In the past few years, I had three individuals dispute the credit card charges after the fact. While I was able to recover the funds, it did cost me in both time and money (and a degree of both of our privacy) to do this. I am sorry that a few "bad apples" have spoiled this for you.

  • Packages and Rates

    How much do you value our time?

    Here's how I value it...


    Includes a professional,

    sensual massage with UTF.

    30 minutes $100 | 2 hours $260

    60 minutes $160 | 3 hours $360

    90 minutes $220 | 4 hours $460


    Includes professional, sensual massage plus Escort benefits (CFS, DATY).

    30 minutes -N/A- | 2 hours $450

    60 minutes $260 | 3 hours $600

    90 minutes $360 | 4 hours $800

    Strapon Play

    Includes all the benefits of the Escort

    package, plus strapon play. Not available for your first session with me.

    30 minutes -N/A- | 2 hours $500

    60 minutes $320 | 3 hours $640

    90 minutes $420 | 4 hours $840

    À la Carte

    Various options you can add

    to your session.

    Intimate Cleansing: $20

    Paraffin Bath (Hands/Feet): $20

    Personal Grooming (Shave/Trim): $20

    Prostate Massage: $20


    Each of these add-ons takes from 10 to 30 minutes of your scheduled time. They do not add any time to the length of your session, so please ensure your session is long enough to include all desired add-ons - 60 minutes minimum!


    Outcall is available for any length of session, but there is a $300 minimum - not including any À la Carte items.

    Also, my screening is stricter for outcall appointments. It is best to see me for incall first!

  • Contact Me

    If you have any more questions, send them my way...

    If you want to set up an appointment, it is best to give me a call!

    You can reach me at (720) 441-2342.

    NOTE: I cannot send or receive texts!

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